Can i use Chromebook as a daily device?

In last years Google Chrome has become to be more than just browser. It is new Operating System under your Windows, Mac OSX, Linux OS-es.
And additionally they have own Operating System called Chrome OS.
By the way, i have a chromebook and i am satisfied using it. Right now i am writing this blog post with my Chromebook.
You know, most of time we spend on Chrome when we are using our laptops for non-work things. So why not to use cheap, fast, 12_hours_battery chromebook instead of expensive macbook air or windows laptop.

So let’s shortly about pros and cons:

Asus Chromebook c201
Asus Chromebook C201 – my current Chrome device.

Chromebook Pros

  • Great battery life
  • Faster boot than osx and windows
  • Cheaper devices
  • No need to install anything direcly on OS. (every app works as Chrome extension, with single click)
  • No virus, no malware.
  • Automatic background updates. So your device is always up to date.
  • Availability of most basic softwares via web. (simple games, painting apps etc.) and full featured Office apps(Google Docs) – and everything is without installation processes.
  • Native integration with Android. Android devices can be used as screen unlocker(via bluetooth) and you can also run some Android apps directly in Chrome OS. This last feature is available in only dev channels. May be later in 2017 stable versions will get this function too.

Chromebook Cons

  • Internet requirement. Although Google Docs and some other apps can work without internet, Chromebook with offline mode has limited abilities.
  • No professional software: Most professional apps(design, development, arhitecture, engineering etc.) require Windows, Linux or Mac. That’s why Chromebook can’t be used for such purposes.
  • Limited settings. Chromebook gives you almost same settings page with Chrome browser settings. Of course there are some additional settings which are related with hardware. But they are too simple settings. For example you can’t manage color palette with Chromebook, only brightness is adjustable.

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