6 solutions for your Real Estate site on WordPress.

Do you want to build real estate site on WordPress? Let’s go.

WordPress has plenty of plugins and themes and if to use accurately. For performing any task we can use both:  themes and plugins. Themes and plugins are different things in WP, but they are very similiar at the same time. So both plugin and theme can turn our default WP blog to any rich website.

Premium solutions:

1.  WP Pro Real Estate 2 WordPress Theme

Very attractive and beatufil real estate solution. It has a lot of features. And we can say that it is ready Real Estate CMS for you.

2. WP Pro Real Estate

Another interesting and clean solution.

3. Real Estate Theme
Another premium WordPress theme which turns your WP to Real Estate site.

Free plugins
Plugins is just part of whole solution, thats why they can solve this problem indepentently. But there are some plugins which can help you to build Real Estate site.

4. Simple Real Estate Pack

5. csk Real Estate plugin

6. Real Estate plugin

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