3 Worpress plugins for building quizzes in your wordpress site


HEXAM is WordPress plugin which lets you to provide online quizzes, mini-exams.  Number of questions of each quizz and number of answers of each question you can set yourself. The plugin supports full html,css and has not rich default css,  so you are free in building very different interface.

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2. mTouch Quiz

This plugin also lets you to add quizzes to your site. But this plugin has ready interface, and question is given to user one by one.

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3. WP Survey And Quiz Tool

Developer can create his own quiz, test, exam or survey.

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4 comments on “3 Worpress plugins for building quizzes in your wordpress site

  1. Cool Plugins . No doubt that these plugins are going to create an extra attraction to visitors. But , I am thinking one more thing . Will the plugins increase the page loading time ? If not , then it’s OK. However , thank you for sharing this cool information .

  2. Hi Som. Of course every plugin increases page loading time. But it depends on a plugin how much time it takes. In most cases worpdress plugins take too little load time, so you even dont feel this difference. So i advice you to use a lot of plugins which you need.

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