How to use Facebook Messages without Messenger at 2017

Facebook tries to force everyone to use their messenger app, which is good app for most people and which is annoying and useless for some people.
I am one of who hates facebook messenger and that’s why i don’t like facebook forcing me using its messenger.
When i open facebook messages section via browser, they even doesn’t let me to stay here, automatic redirection takes me to Play Store, where i have to install messenger app.

But i don’t want to install it. Simply because

  • I don’t want to use Facebook as a chat IM software
  • It tooks too much memory and battery
  • I think there would be only one IM at phone with normal usage. That’s why i don’t need Facebook Lite app too.

So, i always need a way where i can enter (i may need it 1-2 times in a day) to facebook messages without Messenger app.

Currenly i know 2 ways for this:

  1. – Using the lite version of Facebook where messages section works without any problem.
  2. But this solution have one con: you can’t use mbasic version while you are using 3G/2G internet. It is only available with WIFI. And with VPN. Yeah, if you activate VPN on your phone, mbasic version will not be able to detect 3G/2G and will start working without any trouble.
  3. Request Desktop Version. When you entered to facebook via mobile Chrome, you can firstly ask Request Desktop version, then you can enter to messages section without any redirection. The only trouble with this solution is UX – When you do this, horizontal and vertical scrolls appear, and it comes a little uncomfortable. But i use this option and it solves my problem.

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