My favourite Chrome extensions

İ want to share Chrome extensions which i use daily.

1. Chromed Bird – Manage your Twitter without opening web page.

2. Google Mail Checker – Gmail new mail autochecker, notifier

3. URL shortener – Shorten long url-s for your articles, messages or tweets.

4. Webpage screenshot – Get screenshot of visible part of page or whole page with this extension.

5. Chrome SEO – Get main SEO infomation about websites(Alexa rank, Google page rank, Google indexed pages and etc.)

6. Firebug Lite – Firefox firebug analogue for Chrome, very useful developer plugin, lets you analyse page source code with live preview(css,jss,dom and etc.)

7. Rulers, Guides, Eye Dropper and Color Picker – Lets you to use rulers, eye dropper, guide in web page. Very useful tool.

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