How to change default zoom at Google Chrome

By default every browser has 100% zoom, which is default.

And we can also change default zoom for each website using ctrl-mouse wheel, ctrl-+, Menu->Zoom.

But sometimes we may need to change default zoom. We may need it when our laptop resolution is too hight for its screen size. For example when i was using 13.3 inch laptop, QHD monitor for it was too high, and as a result every object was too small at my OS and browser screen.

That’s why i had to change default zoom from 100 to 125%. And it solved my problem.

Here is how to change default zoom in Google Chrome browser.

So to do it is so easy.

  • Don’t change default zoom for each website
  • Go to chrome://settings and click to Advanced Settings
  • Change Page Zoom to any value you want.
  • That’s all

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