Does Facebook mobil web redirect you to Play Store’s Messenger page?

In last weeks Facebook started doing unpleasant and annoying thing in their mobile web version. When you enter to web inbox via browser(Chrome, Firefox, Internet, Opera etc…), they first show you full screen messenger add, and try to force you to install the messenger.
At top-right there is a small close button. You click it, and the ad is hidden now. But after that they start to be more annoying. Each time when you click to inbox icon or some friend’s name in inbox, each time they redirect you to Play Store.

Facebook mobile redirects users to Play Store They force the users to download their Messenger app

Yeah, it looks like malware, but yes, it has being done by Facebook themselves. They inserted forced redirect to their mobile web inbox.
How to get rid off that? For un-rooted device there are two ways for now.

1. Request desktop site in your mobile browser. That will solve the problem:
It is possible to stop Facebook mobile redirection to Play Store Messenger App

2. Use in your mobile.

It will save your nerves and you will be able to use facebook via web only. Without redirect and battery draine, and very fast.

3 comments on “Does Facebook mobil web redirect you to Play Store’s Messenger page?

  1. Thank you for the mbasic.facebook fix. This is a super frustrating for anyone who does not want facebook messenger to be with them 24/7, but still needs to use it on the go sometimes.

    1. I haven’t checked, but as it is not embed script facebook can easily skip adblockers.
      You can use REQUEST DESKTOP SITE mode in your mobile browser. It will stop redirects.

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