How to finish audiobooks earlier than normal duration in Android

Most of us love listening audibooks during walking. Listening audiobooks is great, yeah. But sometimes their narrators read the text too slowly, and we lose valuable time.
With increasing playback speed we can finish slow-read audibooks 30-50% quicker than normal. For example i increased playback speed 1.5 times in my last finished audibook, and instead of 12 hours i spent 8 hours to finish it. 4 hours was saved by me.
How to do it? Let’s see quick sample app and short howto video.

Screenshot from 2016-03-14 23:54:06

Most player apps have got such feature. Let’s see one of them which i am using.
It is called Material Player, it is free, you can get it in Google Play.

Now let’s see short howto video:

So thanks to increasing playback speed you can save 30-50% time(it depends on your listening capability and narrator speed) and to listen more audibooks in your life 🙂
If any question, type comments.

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