Sharing Files between Android Smartphones in Less Steps

Today internet is everywhere, and most times we share files between two devices via internet , even if two smartphones are at the same room.  

Why do we so? Because of simplicity and less steps.

Yes, UX is very powerful influencer when we choose tech tools.

It doesn’t matter how useful the tool is, it has to be easy to use and require less and less steps. Sharing via Whatsapp or other IM is so – requires less steps and easy to do. That’s why we choose it – although sending speed is less when to choose sharing via internet.

But what if to do it offline – which is faster + without quality lose + is very important when shared file size is larger.

How to do that – using native features of smartphone or using some app for it.

Native features – NFC touch + bluetooth ? Nooo. it requires too much steps. Open bluetooth, ask other person to open his/her bluetooth and MAKE IT DISCOVERABLE, oh noo. We need easier solution and less steps.

And apps can do it. The best app i know for this is MiDrop by Xiaomi company.It is free.

  • it is free
  • no registration is needed
  • no complicated enabling/disabling is needed.
  • and no ads, right, no ads.
  • works with almost all Android Devices, not only Xiaomi devices.

Here are steps:

  • You both have it. (Everybody should install such amazing app, yeah)
  • You open app and click to SEND, other person find and it click to RECEIVE. 

That’s almost all. Which technology (wi-fi direct, bluetooth or smth. like that) will use the app, how pairing/enabling would happen – the app will do everything itself.

You get simple UI, less steps and best UX.

Get Mi Drop app now.

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