How to set reminders not by time, but by location

Technology gives us a lot of tools to remind us in its time about something. Calendars, Alarms, Notebook apps etc. can do this.

Now we speak about reminder by locations. It is very useful tool which can remind us f.e. to buy something from gift shop when we are near. Or when we pasted half way, automatically send sms to our friend that i am arriving, half way pasted. So in such cases time is not important, but location is. I use two services for this purpose.

1. Google Keep – All Android and IOS phones can install this app. When we create any note in Google keep we can set reminder by location. 

2014-05-27 11.51.41
2. IFTTT – This one is for advanced solutions. This can do not only remind, but a lot of things by location. Sending sms, taking photo, playing music etc…

Just create recipe, chosse Android location as THIS, and choose any of following services as THAT.

Create Recipe - IFTTTYou see, you can do unlimited things with IFTTT THIS-THAT combinations.

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