– The network based on books.

3 monthes ago i bought Amazon Kindle 3 for myself and day by day i have liked it more and more. And now i am very satisfied in my device as i have finished reading more books than i excepted with Kindle. It has not LCD display which harms our eyes, it has e-inch e-paper display which doesn’t light. So i advice to buy Kindle all book readers.

After 1-2 monthes using i joined to Amazon Kindle Network and discovered it very useful. It is not a network based on common friends, it is based on books which you read. It is very interesting :). You find people which reads same books with you. You can follow any readers there, and they can also follow you. has not social features as direct message, mention, reply or media sharing. All sharings are related to books. Quotes, Notes, started reading, finished reading, reviews, votes etc.
It has special sections as most quoted books, most popular books, daily review etc.
You can choose 4 statuses for each book: read, hope to read, stopped reading, reading.
You can also post review for any book.
And one more important fact: You can use without using Amazon Kindle, as web site. But it is better if you relate your Kindle device to this network. In this case your actions (saving quotes-notes, voting books, finishing books etc.) will be automatically published in your account.
This is my amazon kindle account screenshot:

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