Cloud Storage Services with native Linux support

Day by day new vendors introduces their own cloud storages, and offers more and more free spaces.

Google Drive, Dropbox, Copy, Mega, Yandex Disk, cloud, Microsoft SkyDrive, Sugar Synch etc..

But which of them supports Linux family OS-es? Which of them has native app for Linux? Let’s list 5 of them:

  1. Dropbox
    The most popular Cloud Storage Service. Has enough good Linux app. (offers 2 GB up to 18 GB free storage)
  2.  Copy
    New and powerful Cloud Service. Offers 15 GB free disk
  3. Cloud

    Russian service, offers 10 GB free space (up to 100 GB!)
  4. Ubuntu One
    download (1)
    Offers 5 GB, up to 20 GB free space
  5. Wuala
    Offers 5 GB free storage

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