Disable cache in Cloudflare

For much kind of websites Cloudflare’s cache is really great. But for some dynamic websites it is really bad and causes some problems.
You can activate “development mode” in cache section and it will solve the problem… But just for 3 hours. After 3 hours it will turn off itself. So, you need to do it in every 3 hours which is not acceptable for permanent solution.

So, it there anyway else to solve this problem? Yes, there is.

When we enter to cache tab of our Cloudflare account, we see these cache levels available

You see, they don’t give cache off option in cachin level section.

But, you can do it via Custom Page Rules.

  • Enter to Page Rules Tab.
  • Click to Create page rule
  • Enter you domain name and choose Cache Level option
  • Set BYPASS value and click to Save button.
  • Click to SAVE AND DEPLOY.

That’s all. Now Cloudflare will not cache your website pages. You can also allow it to cache all website except specified pages by using page slugs instead of * sign.

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