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Several monthes ago Sony started to push Android Lollipop 5.0.2 to their Xperia Z line phones. After upgrade some customers started to complain about battery and system performance in their phones.

For example if Xperia Z2 or Z1 compact could work up to 2 days with single charge, after lollipop they hardly can work 1 days.

Or in kitkat versions Xperia Z line phones work too fast and smooth, but with Lollipop versions they work slow as low-end smartphones.

So for both cases i tried 2 experiments(i am using z1 compact) and both gave great effect.

1. For battery. Go to settings-power management-stamina mode, and use exactly this configuration: Continue reading →


Technology gives us a lot of tools to remind us in its time about something. Calendars, Alarms, Notebook apps etc. can do this.

Now we speak about reminder by locations. It is very useful tool which can remind us f.e. to buy something from gift shop when we are near. Or when we pasted half way, automatically send sms to our friend that i am arriving, half way pasted. So in such cases time is not important, but location is. I use two services for this purpose.

1. Google Keep – All Android and IOS phones can install this app. When we create any note in Google keep we can set reminder by location.  Continue reading →

I would like to share some screenshots from my smartphone, which i have used with Smart Launcher since i bought Nexus 4. In previous Android smartphones i used traditional launchers such as Trebuchet, Touchwiz, Sense, Nova, Go Launcher etc. Each of them has its own unique features, but all of them are traditional, home screens with horizontal slides, and menu with same slide. To be open i got bored with same effects and i hadn’t been able to optimize my home screen to satisfy me. I did experiments every day, reorganizing screens, folders etc. Then i heard about Launcher 7 and Launcher 8 which is copy of Windows Phone 7-8 Metro UI solution. And i used both of them. First days i liked them, but then i felt that it is too primitive solution for smartphone, and with using it you can not feel your device is smartphone. I realized that i need space in homescreen, space+icons. Metro could not give it. When i switched to Nexus 4, in play store i discovered smart launcher, and from that day i have been using it with great pleasure.(>3 monthes)  It has nearly everything what i need. No horizontal slides in home screen and menu screen, smart categories to access apps easily, widgets screen. But it also had some limitations in some features. But coming updates solved it soon.

I am sharing some screenshots from my Nexus 4 with Smart Launcher Pro.

1. This is home screen. Only one screen, and flower circle for apps.

2. This is apps menu. With fully customizable smart categories 

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After several days after new Kindle Fire tablets (Fire 2 and Fire HD) released some developers were able to get root access. But we know that Amazon regularly updates Kindle devices via OTA. After each update root access of devices is killed and then same method for rooting doesn’t work. So Kindle owners who wants to get and to keep root access must care about two things: 1. To get root access even for latest update. 2. To block OTA updates by Amazon.

Now i will share with you the latest achievements about these two problems.

How to get root access for latest 7.2.2 and 7.2.3 versions of Kindle Fire HD 7: Download the ADB Drivers and QemuRoot method files. http://forum.xda-developers.com/show….php?t=1893838 (Second one was not needed when i did root-Webania) Download Binary v17 Method http://forum.xda-developers.com/show….php?t=1886460 Download and install the latest java. http://www.java.com/en/   (İ actually don’t know why author wants you to install java, i did this process without Java’s help – Webania)

1. Do factory reset. Install ADB drivers. Extract Qemu Root and Binaryv17 files. 2. Open cmd run as admin and execute runme.bat from binaryv17. 3. Select Method 1 and your kindle should have a screen pop up requesting a restore. 4. Simply tap on Restore on your kindle and it should reboot after that. Kindle will be slow and sluggish. Thats ok. 5. After Binaryv17 is done run qemuroot.bat from Qemuroot method.

Source: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2049288 Author suggests Qemu root tool if any problem after 5th stage. But i think it should not be any problem. After 5th stage you will get root access. (I tried both sh for Linux and bat for Windows. Second one worked)

Block OTA update and prevent OS update by Amazon Download http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=1547270&d=1354992236 this SH file. And then open ADB in your command line system. Then type these:

adb push disable_ota_for_kindle.sh /data/local/tmp/ adb shell "su -c 'chmod 777 /data/local/tmp/disable_ota_for_kindle.sh'" adb shell "su -c '/data/local/tmp/disable_ota_for_kindle.sh'" adb shell "rm /data/local/tmp/disable_ota_for_kindle.sh"

After it OTA updates should be blocked. Additionally you can install DroidWall app and create white list for apps’ internet access.