In WP websites’s dashboard there is users section in which we can see website’s registered users. By default they ordered by name. In main list some column titles are clickable and when we click on them the list gets ordered by clicked column. And only email, name and username columns are clickable. So we have not any button to order by our users by registration date. Sometimes we may need it, for example you want to see how many and which users registered in your website today. Let’s get it without any code, just simple trick. Continue reading


For shared hostings

1. WordPress Total Cache – Very popular, recommended by Automatic.

2. WordPress Super Cache – The most popular one, also recommended by Automatic.

3. WordPress Hyper Cache – Not so popular. But liteweight, fast and easy to understand and modify. Recommended for developers who want to know which code they are merging to their website.

First two plugins have very similiar structure with advanced configuration, last one is liteweight. But all 3 one shows similiar performances.

For virtual and dedicated servers

WordPress Predis – Predis for WordPress(Predis = PHP API solution of Redis cache server)

If your WP runs on your own server, then Predis is best solution.

Here is benchmark result for 3 popular solutions: Continue reading

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Earlier times i didn’t think that to hide real name of theme is important for website owners. But then while working with some clients i saw that there were a lot of site owners who didn’t want that Theme detectors or visitors learn their active theme name.
That’s why i added this feature to my plugin and now the plugin can hide your theme name with one single click.

But you can also do it manually. What to do to hide  theme’s real name from theme detectors? Essentially 2 things – rename theme folder, rename themename.

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WP-Admin has Comments section, which gives us ability to edit comments. But they let us edit only 4 fields: Name, Email, Url, Content.

But what about another data?  This bloggy section of WordPress is outmoded and needs improvements. For example if i change Name field there, it will just change the name field in wp_comments mysql table. But authorhip is defined by user_id and user email, not by name. So changing name is not serious change.

What about wp_update_comment( $commentarr ); function? It neither doesn’t help. Although we pass userid,email parameters via $commentarr  argument, it will not take any effect. Why? For knowing the reason we should check wp core code, namely wp-includes/comment.php, we will see such piece there:

$keys = array( 'comment_content', 'comment_author', 'comment_author_email', 
'comment_approved', 'comment_karma', 'comment_author_url', 'comment_date', 
'comment_date_gmt', 'comment_parent' );
$data = wp_array_slice_assoc( $data, $keys );
$rval = $wpdb->update( $wpdb->comments, $data, compact( 'comment_ID' ) );

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Today i’m sharing one simple trick for special situation – when your website is not ready yet and you don’t want visitors to access your website, but at the same time you want to share your website to some alpha testers or friends.
With special plugins may be you can solve this, but the simple code i give below solves this problem perfectly.
Just put this code to the 1st line of your theme’s header.php. You can edit html part of code’s echo part and put there any image, message for visitors which tells them your website is coming soon or under construction. Continue reading