set php code to be run in the future

Sometimes you may need a code which should be run in certain date interval. No, i don’t mean whole php file, for that there is a technology called “Cron Jobs”. I mean code fragment in your existing PHP project. For example you want you background to be red after 23:59. Or at 31st decebmer night you want some “happy new year” banner to be appear for 1-2 hours. Or you just creating some scheduled event module and this logic can help you build it. Let’s write this simple trick. Continue reading →


As we wrote before WooCommerce Search Box plugin provides cache based fast search suggestion to WooCommerce websites. Installation and using processes are easy. 1. Install&Activate the plugin. 2. Build first cache. 3. Thats’s all. The plugin will detect any search box in your theme and will automatically start working. 3+1. It has bunch of interesting settings where you can adjust, customize, enrich, restyle the plugin functionality.

Here is quick video how the plugin works.

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Do you see fullscreen Android ads in your home screen? Android app system logic is much more easier than Windows, and that’s why to fight with adware, trojans etc. in Android is easier than in Windows. But adware authors do their best to make preventing theirs ads as much as difficult. That’s why usually to detect which app causes fullscreen ad is very difficult for non-geek average Android users.

So, what to do if you meet annoying fullscreen ads in your Android? Continue reading →

xwooport_logo.png.pagespeed.ic.P7W6NRDJSx is a new and useful recommendatin service on WooCommerce products. They create the best ready theme+plugins bundles for each need.

So you will not have to research huge markets for choosing best theme and discovering best plugins. All of these are done by As it is newly created they only have 13-14 bundles for today, but they say they will add more bundles for all general uses. (WooCommerce solution about travel, fashion, general e-shop, hotels, real estate, electronics, wearing, gym, fitness etc…)

2016-06-02 05.54.33

In last weeks Facebook started doing unpleasant and annoying thing in their mobile web version. When you enter to web inbox via browser(Chrome, Firefox, Internet, Opera etc…), they first show you full screen messenger add, and try to force you to install the messenger. At top-right there is a small close button. You click it, and the ad is hidden now. But after that they start to be more annoying. Each time when you click to inbox icon or some friend’s name in inbox, each time they redirect you to Play Store. Continue reading →


Last week i met such problem in the website of friend: NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster (SNAP) could publish any post to social media when you publish wp post manually. But when you scheduled it and then WP Cron publihed it, SNAP failed each time. I googled the problem and in my surprise saw that there was no any evident solution for that. Every responders told that it should work by default. But it didn’t. So, i investigated it myself and solved the problem. Continue reading →


What if you need to migrate existing or new created Ruby on Rails web application to your PHP-Apache configured server?

If you are not using VPS or dedicated server and you have simple shared php web hosting – of course this article is not for you.

If you are in localhost, so everything is clear, you can use different webservers, different ports, you can damage your webserver, then reinstall it etc. But when you in production server, you can’t do such risks and you can’t play with webserver settings, ports.

So we need the way safer.

If you know what ssh, linux server are, let’s get started. Continue reading →


Annoying ads in your Android lockscreen? The reason might be ES File Explorer.

ES File Explorer is one of the most popular file manager apps in Android ecosystem. But unfortunatelly they have decided to add spammy malware ads to our Android system. Yes, to our system, not to their app inside. Continue reading →