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Several monthes ago Sony started to push Android Lollipop 5.0.2 to their Xperia Z line phones. After upgrade some customers started to complain about battery and system performance in their phones.

For example if Xperia Z2 or Z1 compact could work up to 2 days with single charge, after lollipop they hardly can work 1 days.

Or in kitkat versions Xperia Z line phones work too fast and smooth, but with Lollipop versions they work slow as low-end smartphones.

So for both cases i tried 2 experiments(i am using z1 compact) and both gave great effect.

1. For battery. Go to settings-power management-stamina mode, and use exactly this configuration: Continue reading

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WordPress Walkers are very useful solution for custom tree-like data structures. Today i will share simple code for Walker_Category class, which allows you to build custom structure when you call wp_list_categories() function. We know that generally when you call this function it gives you standard ul-li structure which is only customizable its arguments. But if we want to change its tree-like structure, then Walker_Category will help us. So lets say that we want to add some icons before category names. Let’s get started. Continue reading

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Today i installed webmin(visual server management tool) in my Azure Ubuntu server. After installation completed, i tried to login to webmin panel via https://IP:10000 , but no success. I did same installation a lot of times with another Linux servers and i surprised when i saw nosuccess in this last case. I tried some research with iptables, netstats, webmin conf file etc. But no result. At the end i have found that to create new access port you need to allow it via Azure Virtual Machine Dashboard.

So i did it, and now the port 10000 works.

This is how to do it:

1. Login to your Azure account ( http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/)

2. Go to my account section (http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/account/) Continue reading

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In WP websites’s dashboard there is users section in which we can see website’s registered users. By default they ordered by name. In main list some column titles are clickable and when we click on them the list gets ordered by clicked column. And only email, name and username columns are clickable. So we have not any button to order by our users by registration date. Sometimes we may need it, for example you want to see how many and which users registered in your website today. Let’s get it without any code, just simple trick. Continue reading

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For shared hostings

1. WordPress Total Cache – Very popular, recommended by Automatic.

2. WordPress Super Cache – The most popular one, also recommended by Automatic. (upd: Also later owned by Automatic)

3. WordPress Hyper Cache – Not so popular. But liteweight, fast and easy to understand and modify. Recommended for developers who want to know which code they are merging to their website.

First two plugins have very similiar structure with advanced configuration, last one is liteweight. But all 3 one shows similiar performances.

For virtual and dedicated servers

WordPress Predis – Predis for WordPress(Predis = PHP API solution of Redis cache server)

If your WP runs on your own server, then Predis is best solution.

Here is benchmark result for 3 popular solutions: Continue reading

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