Interesting question-answer about cool startup idea

Question: Hello. I have new cool idea about internet services. But I don’t have enough money to realize it. How can i sell it to big companies like Google,

Answer:(by A.Lebedev) Hello. I have to disappoint you: There is no lack of new ideas in the world. All that what may come to your mind has already came to another’s mind a lot of times. You can be sure in it with a little search in internet.
Nobody needs just a cool idea. Everybody needs new idea in its time and place, and when it is needed. After this requirement amount of new ideas decreases thousands times.
For example, let’s take credit card section of bank sector. Thousands of highly paid employees work there, and they think about little new ideas nearly all day. If somebody finds anything, then it is great achievement. But the number of new ideas in this spehere is very little.
So if you can give a lot of new cool ideas on required subject, then you will be able to go on. Otherwise if you have just one cool idea, then be sure, nobody needs it. (

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