Last week i met such problem in the website of friend: NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster (SNAP) could publish any post to social media when you publish wp post manually. But when you scheduled it and then WP Cron publihed it, SNAP failed each time. I googled the problem and in my surprise saw that there was no any evident solution for that. Every responders told that it should work by default. But it didn’t. So, i investigated it myself and solved the problem. Continue reading →

wp-prevent Introduction:

There are plenty of reasons why your WordPress website works slowly. And there are also plenty of solutions for them.

Sometimes although we do everything right with using right plugins, theme, configuring cache etc., there is still slow response. Personally i met such situations 10-s times in clients’ websites.  Everything seems to correct, but performance is very slow.

If that website is in dedicated or VPS server, it is easy to find the real reason. We do server monitoring, and after few hours monitoring data tells us what the problem is.

But the client’s website is in shared hosting, providing such independent server monitorings is not possible. Continue reading →

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“Easy DidYouMean and Autocomplete for WP Search” is a WordPress plugin which will enrich WordPress default search.

The plugin has 2 useful features: Autocomplete – Which works without AJAX. Keyword list is built by you in admin area. But the plugin gives you the most relevant keywords for your site, then you just save needed ones. DidYouMean feature – Useful feature for your website search results page. If user makes typo, plugin detects it and suggests correct keyword with message something like this: “Did you mean clickable_correct_one_word?”

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If you have e-commerce website, DIDYOUMEAN feature is specially important for your website. When users search any product with typo(typographical mistake in keyword), instead of “no result and leaving your website” the client will be suggested corrected product name.

10 reasons to use this plugin 1. The plugin works with JS, not with AJAX, so it works several times faster. Continue reading →

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wp_nav_menu() function is used by themes for displaying WordPress menus in theme header, footer, sidebar. Sometimes you need to customize nav menu with your own html tags, styles and classes. The normal way to do it is WordPress Walker, which we talked about in another post. Although this is the only perfect way to solve this task, this way is a little long and difficult. Sometimes we may need quicker solution for little customization in nav menu. In such cases we can use php output buffering. Here is sample: Continue reading →

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If you meet this error, it means you are trying to import mysql table from newer server (>5.5) to older one (<5.5) Older versions of MySQL don’t support utf8mb4 charset. That’s why import process stops. This problems can be met during WordPress migration, as WP’s latest versions are using utf8mb4 charset. So let’s solve the problem quickly.  Continue reading →


The plugin can create beautiful Google Charts based on your SQL queries, then you can use those charts in any part of your website: 1. Give any name to your report. 2. Use our preinstalled chart or create new one yourself: choose desired chart type, type sql query, enter field names, labels and then press to Publish/Update 3. After update/save you will see needed shortcode below there. Then you can use that shortcode anywhere in your website: in pages, posts, widgets etc. Continue reading →


Is there any problem with upgrading WordPress? Then you can do it manually yourself. This problem usually happens when there is some conflict between apache user and filesystem owner user or if fylesystem is not writable by www user. So via cpanel file manager or ftp we can view WP root directory. It will look like this: Continue reading →

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Today i’am sharing with you little trick, which can help you when you build wordpress in your localhost and at the and to move it to server.

We know that for this purpose there are a lot of plugins and there is also manual way to do it.

Moving filesystem – required step Moving(export->import) database – required step Changing DB details wp-config.php – required step Changing  sitename and homepage rows in wp_options mysql table – required step Updating post content, post guid etc. which contains localhost strings – optional step.

But with performing little trick in our local computer we can avoid 4 of 5 steps above. What is this trick? Continue reading →