A little trick – Upgrade WordPress manually

Is there any problem with upgrading WordPress? Then you can do it manually yourself. This problem usually happens when there is some conflict between apache user and filesystem owner user or if fylesystem is not writable by www user.
So via cpanel file manager or ftp we can view WP root directory. It will look like this:

Now let’s upgrade it step-by-step.

  1. Go to WordPress.org and download the latest version. https://wordpress.org/latest.zip
  2. Extract downloaded zip.
  3. Now go to your website root folder andcompletely remove wp-admin and wp-include folders. (yeah, remove)
  4. Now simply get wp-admin and wp-includes folders from extracted directory and paste it to your website root folder.

Browse your website. It might show screen which suggest upgrade your database. Click to upgrade button and after 1-2 seconds manual WP update process will be completed.

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