Best WordPress cache solution?

For shared hostings

1. WordPress Total Cache – Very popular, recommended by Automatic.

2. WordPress Super Cache – The most popular one, also recommended by Automatic. (upd: Also later owned by Automatic)

3. WordPress Hyper Cache – Not so popular. But liteweight, fast and easy to understand and modify. Recommended for developers who want to know which code they are merging to their website.

First two plugins have very similiar structure with advanced configuration, last one is liteweight. But all 3 one shows similiar performances.

For virtual and dedicated servers

WordPress Predis – Predis for WordPress(Predis = PHP API solution of Redis cache server)

If your WP runs on your own server, then Predis is best solution.

Here is benchmark result for 3 popular solutions:

Screenshot from 2014-10-15 11:06:28

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