Easy and powerful backup plugins for WordPress

There are a lot of backup plugins for WordPress CMS. Some of them are able to backup database tables, some of them filesystem, some of them can do both, some of them can do backup to cloud system such as Dropbox.


Today i want to share 2 plugins with you which i use myself.

1. Backup Scheduler
My favourite plugin. Which has schedule and manual force backup features. In options tab we can choose what we want to backup. Database SQL, filesystem, just uploads, themes, plugins. If your backup can be huge and to generate huge files is very difficult for your server, then plugin can generate backup with part files. We can set maximum size of each part ourselves.

2. WordPress Backup to Dropbox 
This easy plugin lets you to make backup direct to your Dropbox folder. The plugin uses Oauth, so it is secure. Noone can access your Dropbox login details. The plugin can backup both: DB tables SQL and Filesystem backups.

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  1. I’ve just lost some of my WP data, and are looking for easy backup tools. Backup Scheduler seems nice, as I won’t have to manually do it every time. Cheers

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