It is no secret that Google Chrome is the fastest browser. But it has one big problem: high RAM usage. Another browsers runs in OS as a single process. But Chrome is different. Each Chrome tab runs in OS as different process. So, sum of such process usages equals to high index.

For example, today i tested my Chrome RAM usage with 12-15 open tabs. Result was 1.5 GB. Considering that average users’ pc RAM < 4 GB, then 1.5 GB is extra high.

Tab which has some work in background, tab with flash, tab with huge html data etc use a lot of memory. Of course closing such tabs is straight solution. But closing is not effective way as we want to keep some tabs open. (I always keep open Evernote app, Gmail, Google+, Feedly app)

So we have to look for 3rd party solutions. I have tested 2 of them. 1st dissatisfied, 2nd satisfied.

1. First one – Tabmemfree

This extension can automatically suspend inactive tabs. We can set inactivity time, except pinned tabs. But we can not create white list, and this is main problem of this extension.

2. Second one – The Great Suspender

This extension has everything you need: Manual suspend, automatically suspend, setting inactivity time, creating white list. So i use this extension.

If you have further recommendations about this topic, please put comment below.

You have a laptop which RAM is higher than 3 GB and you use Ubuntu 32bit OS? So go to System Monitor (System->Administration->System Monitor) and select Resource tab. You will see that your RAM is shown less than computer’s RAM. For example my laptop has 4 GB RAM, and it showed me 2.3 GB. I have researched problem and found a solution. 32bit systems can not take all RAM in default. You must install 64 bit or you can stay in your current OS with installing something. This something is Physical Address Extension (PAE). It solves a problem clearly.

For installing PAE go to Terminal and type:

sudo apt-get install linux-generic-pae linux-headers-generic-pae

Now reboot system. Go to System Monitor and you will see that RAM is nearly 4 GB, yeah.

That’s all. Good luck.