Adverty is a WordPress plugin which helps you to create enriched images inside your content. With this plugin you can do amazing things like:

– To place ad boxes on any object of your image. For example if there is well dressed model on a photo, you can create affiliate ad boxes for his coat, pants, tie, boots etc.

– To tag any object on any image and place text hints on each one (for example to tag people with names, to tag parts of some body with part names on it etc.)

– To create top&bottom banners on images. This feature can help you to turn static image to ad square. Continue reading →

By using Phototag plugin (tagging people on photos) you can put tags on photos in your blog posts like in facebook tags. It is very easy to use. Just see the screenshots, it will be very clear to understand. Demo

Screen-1 : Tagged

Screen-1 : The process