Infograph wp plugin

Infograph WordPress plugin can display some of your blog’s traffic, popular categories, and more with some beautiful visual charts.

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8 comments on “Infograph wp plugin

  1. Hi!

    Cool coding !!
    Just what I was looking for (almost)!
    I want to let my users enter weight and body measurements every week…
    And then let them see a graph – Can that be done?

    I recon the data must be stored in the DB (where else) and then pulled out every week
    Here are the data that is needed
    Date (Could show week number, where date 1 is week one)
    Kilo (with 1 decimal)
    Chest in cm.
    Waist in cm.
    Hips in cm.
    Right thigh in cm.
    Left thigh in cm.
    Maybe adding a small “Easy Print Graph”?
    I have some more fields that the users enters (happy level) and so on!
    And the data is sent by email to me (maybe cc: to the user)?
    I uses the plugin contact7 form for this to day (no nice graph 🙁 )

    1. Hi Keith.
      Of course, it is possible, But you must go to plugin editor and make some changes in plugin source. If you are able to do such changes, i can tell you which changes are needed.

  2. Hi Elvin, I saw your infograph plugin at wp.tuts and was quite impressed with it. I wanted to use it differently by adding category pie diagram meta box of post editing page.

    I added all wordpress hooks and called the categories function by do_shortcode way. There seemed no results. After removing, that add shortcode hook, I am unable to call categories function.
    Can you tell me what does function argument $atts contains?


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