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“Easy DidYouMean and Autocomplete for WP Search” is a WordPress plugin which will enrich WordPress default search.

The plugin has 2 useful features: Autocomplete – Which works without AJAX. Keyword list is built by you in admin area. But the plugin gives you the most relevant keywords for your site, then you just save needed ones. DidYouMean feature – Useful feature for your website search results page. If user makes typo, plugin detects it and suggests correct keyword with message something like this: “Did you mean clickable_correct_one_word?”

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If you have e-commerce website, DIDYOUMEAN feature is specially important for your website. When users search any product with typo(typographical mistake in keyword), instead of “no result and leaving your website” the client will be suggested corrected product name.

10 reasons to use this plugin 1. The plugin works with JS, not with AJAX, so it works several times faster. Continue reading →