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If you meet this error, it means you are trying to import mysql table from newer server (>5.5) to older one (<5.5) Older versions of MySQL don’t support utf8mb4 charset. That’s why import process stops. This problems can be met during WordPress migration, as WP’s latest versions are using utf8mb4 charset. So let’s solve the problem quickly.  Continue reading →


The plugin can create beautiful Google Charts based on your SQL queries, then you can use those charts in any part of your website: 1. Give any name to your report. 2. Use our preinstalled chart or create new one yourself: choose desired chart type, type sql query, enter field names, labels and then press to Publish/Update 3. After update/save you will see needed shortcode below there. Then you can use that shortcode anywhere in your website: in pages, posts, widgets etc. Continue reading →


Let’s say that you have new server and you have copied all files from there, but you have forgotten to export mysql database. And old server no longer exists. I did this mistake 2-3 times when i migrated to a new computer.:) So, what to do? How to restore mysql tables from files? If you have full file backup, you should have mysql databases’ files, which have FRM extensions. Search and find them. In Linux they are in /var/lib/mysql. So 1. Copy ALL folders and files from /var/lib/mysql and paste them into /var/lib/mysql of new server. 2. It will not work immeditially. After pasting you should do mysql restart with folloing command in terminal: sudo service mysql restart That’s all.