WooPort.com is a new and useful recommendatin service on WooCommerce products. They create the best ready theme+plugins bundles for each need.

So you will not have to research huge markets for choosing best theme and discovering best plugins. All of these are done by WooPort.com. As it is newly created they only have 13-14 bundles for today, but they say they will add more bundles for all general uses. (WooCommerce solution about travel, fashion, general e-shop, hotels, real estate, electronics, wearing, gym, fitness etc…)

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In last weeks Facebook started doing unpleasant and annoying thing in their mobile web version. When you enter to web inbox via browser(Chrome, Firefox, Internet, Opera etc…), they first show you full screen messenger add, and try to force you to install the messenger. At top-right there is a small close button. You click it, and the ad is hidden now. But after that they start to be more annoying. Each time when you click to inbox icon or some friend’s name in inbox, each time they redirect you to Play Store. Continue reading →


We know that WP Core doesn’t provide any ability about multilanguage logic. So there are a lot of different plugins which provide MultiLanguage solution.  Some of them split content each time you open the page. Some of theme use mix of i18n localization and content split(or content relation). But none of them are perfect. And none of them will be perfect until WP Core supports multilanguage.

Today i would like to introduce the plugin which approaches to multilanguage logic through structural logic. Continue reading →


If you need to edit/create office documents (.docx,.xls,.ppt etc.) you can do it with desktop apps such as Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, LibreOffice etc, you can also do it via web applications Google Docs, Office 360.

You can also merge these two platforms in one app – Offline Google Docs. Offline Google Docs can behave itself as a desktop app.

What is desktop app for us?

-It should work offline

-It should be in my computer’s applications menu(also i should be able to create its shortcut whereever i want)

So let’s perform these. Continue reading →


Technology gives us a lot of tools to remind us in its time about something. Calendars, Alarms, Notebook apps etc. can do this.

Now we speak about reminder by locations. It is very useful tool which can remind us f.e. to buy something from gift shop when we are near. Or when we pasted half way, automatically send sms to our friend that i am arriving, half way pasted. So in such cases time is not important, but location is. I use two services for this purpose.

1. Google Keep – All Android and IOS phones can install this app. When we create any note in Google keep we can set reminder by location.  Continue reading →


Day by day new vendors introduces their own cloud storages, and offers more and more free spaces.

Google Drive, Dropbox, Copy, Mega, Yandex Disk, Mail.ru cloud, Microsoft SkyDrive, Sugar Synch etc..

But which of them supports Linux family OS-es? Which of them has native app for Linux? Let’s list 5 of them: Continue reading →

It is no secret that Google Chrome is the fastest browser. But it has one big problem: high RAM usage. Another browsers runs in OS as a single process. But Chrome is different. Each Chrome tab runs in OS as different process. So, sum of such process usages equals to high index.

For example, today i tested my Chrome RAM usage with 12-15 open tabs. Result was 1.5 GB. Considering that average users’ pc RAM < 4 GB, then 1.5 GB is extra high.

Tab which has some work in background, tab with flash, tab with huge html data etc use a lot of memory. Of course closing such tabs is straight solution. But closing is not effective way as we want to keep some tabs open. (I always keep open Evernote app, Gmail, Google+, Feedly app)

So we have to look for 3rd party solutions. I have tested 2 of them. 1st dissatisfied, 2nd satisfied.

1. First one – Tabmemfree

This extension can automatically suspend inactive tabs. We can set inactivity time, except pinned tabs. But we can not create white list, and this is main problem of this extension.

2. Second one – The Great Suspender

This extension has everything you need: Manual suspend, automatically suspend, setting inactivity time, creating white list. So i use this extension.

If you have further recommendations about this topic, please put comment below.